• Love Like This (2024)

    1. Tangerine
    2. Love Like This
    3. On The Run
    4. Pacify
    5. My Heart
    6. Rise
    7. Stay The Way
    8. Carry Me Away
    9. Labels
    10. Other Side of Down


Rob Alan has been writing songs for over 3 decades, and is finally releasing some of them. Enjoy a mellow, stripped down interpretation of many of life's highs and lows. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
In the Florida music scene, Rob has had the honor to work with some extraordinary artists, like Adam Moreno + Jimmy McCrindle (Audible Effect), Dave Nowak, Mark D, Nong Pimluck, Seth Richardson (Near Pennsylvania), Orange Blossom Trio, etc.
In 2024, Love Like This was introduced, and expresses a multitude of highs and lows, but in his own laid back + stripped down style.